You CAN Sit With Us : 2LG Studio for London Design Fair

A concept space curated by 2LG Studio for London Design Fair with inclusivity at its heart.

2LG invited 13 emerging designers to bring their unique voices together with a seat at the table.

Contributing designers included; Divine Southgate-Smith, Helen Kirkum, Wilkinson & Rivera, Amechi Mandi, Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Pulp Sculptuur, Studio Bence Margyarlaki, Sam Klemick, Byard Works, B.C Joshua, Benjamin Motoc, Net Warner and Hot Wire Extensions.

With additional collaborations by Granite & Smoke, L.Ercolani Design, Sheyn and Custhom.

To create my chair for ‘You CAN Sit With Us’ I chose to repurpose an existing piece of furniture.

Sourcing a dishevelled dining chair, found dumped on the street close my studio, I set about completely stripping it back.

This process revealed the inner workings of mass produced furntiure, from shoddy welds to a mish mash of materials which showed a total lack of regard for the longevity of this piece.

Tending to the individual components, I replaced the rotted seat with a recycled headboard encased in paper pulp.

I also painted and hand sewed a canvas sleeve for the backrest and sought to highlight one of the most interesting aspects of the design, by painting the chair base red. 

In doing so, reimagining it as something it was never intended to be - an heirloom piece. 

  © Annie Strachan, 2023

© Annie Strachan, 2023