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Safety and Care Guide: Trays

Each of my pieces is finished with yacht varnish, which allows for surfaces to be wipeable. Please avoid placing hot mugs or cups directly on the tray surface. Likewise, prolonged contact with liquids can cause damage. Take care to avoid sharp objects scratching the surface as overtime this can wear down the varnished layer. It is not recommended that these trays be placed close to a naked flame as each of the individual materials used in their composition is flammable.

Safety and Care Guide: Lamps

Only low wattage LED bulbs should be used and every lamp is sold with one of these included. Lamps should not be kept in an overly moist environment and it is also not recommended that these be placed close to a naked flame. The fitting used is a B22 switched lamp holder.

Do You Take Comissions or Remake Existing Pieces?

I am more than happy to discuss comissions and have preivously re-created existing lamps on request.  However, please be aware each lamp is unique and it is not possible to create an exact likeness, particularly when sourcing vintage lampshades. To enquire or discuss pricing please contact me via email or else you can always DM @pulpsculptuur on Instagram. 

What Materials Do You Use?
Nearly all of the materials used to create each piece are recycled, with the exception of electrical components (used for the lamps). I source materials by hand, including paint, wood scraps, cardboard and paper, which is then processed into pulp. 

Where Do You Ship To?

I am based in South East London and am able to ship both nationally and internationally, with postage costs covered by the buyer. If you are based locally then please contact me direclty as it may be possible to offer free delivery. 

Do You Rent Out Pieces for Shoots?

I am more than happy to discuss renitng out pieces for set dressing. Please contact me via email or DM @pulpsculptuur on Instagram.

  © Annie Strachan, 2023

© Annie Strachan, 2023